I specialize in photographing people!  To put it simply, I love faces and portraits. 

McLean, Northern Virginia is home! I am mom to three wonderful kids. My job as their mom is to encourage resilience and independence in them, cheer them on to reach for the stars, help when life is tough and celebrate with them when life is good. 

My passions including eating healthy, running when the weather is good, practicing yoga on weekend mornings, having flowers in my house and garden, and indulging in my love of lattes! 

I was born and grew up in England and love to go back to visit family and friends.

Whether I’m living in the leafy suburbs, apartment dwelling in the city, lost deep in the English countryside, or traveling on vacation, I love being outside and embracing my environment.

I know how demanding life is here in this corner of Northern Virginia with school, homework, sports, friends, travel and hobbies all vying for attention!  My goal as a photographer is to help my clients relax, find time to enjoy the distraction and capture a moment in time.