I love photographing outside in natural light. I strive to find light that surrounds my clients with energy and life. Relaxed, fun-filled images are always my goal.  

I believe every person has an authentic beauty and style.  My job as the photographer is to help every subject feel comfortable and look confident. I work with you to help you feel good and look fantastic. Resilience and self esteem are so essential to confidence and well being and I hope my photographs build those strengths.

Helping you feel at ease and in the moment is important to me. I will do everything I can to help make sure you feel as relaxed and as stress free as possible when I photograph you. 

I want to find out what makes you laugh and what makes you happy. I want to understand your style, your likes, loves & passions. I want to be able to show your personality, what makes you uniquely you! 

Most of all I want you to have the photos you want, in the format you need and will use -- digital files, portfolio prints, custom designed photo books, or a beautiful wall canvas.